Gosfield, Annie Detroit Industry

Ayanbod, Hadi Gravity

Pahl, Frank     Imperfect Suite

Fortuna, Clem     5 Tone/15 Tone/10 Tone/30 Tone

Worden, Shara     This Is My Hand    

Mellits, Marc     Frost

Moorefield, Virgil     Detroit per se

Mellits, Marc     Smoke

Moorefield, Virgil     Scenes From the Life I Want

Paterson, Robert     Tongue and Groove

McAllister, Scott     Ugly Jug for Saxophone and String Quintet

Sparr, D.J.     DACCA:DECCA:GAffA

Dietz, Christopher     Concertino for Saxophone, Marimba and String Quartet

Frazin, Howard     The Jester, the Artist, and the Little Lion

Frazin, Howard     Trio for Alto Saxophone, Cello and Piano

McDonald, John     Quintet for Alto Saxophone and String Quartet 

Chen, Shih-Hui     Plum Blossoms

Mead, Andrew     Saxophone Quartet No. 2

Djupstrom, Michael     Test 

King, Mary     Orbits

Penman, Josh           Opening

deDeugd, Inez     Wake

Costanzo, Gabriel     Chromatic Tendencies

Payne, Justin     8 Words

LeMay, Robert     La rédemption


Spratlan, Lewis     Concerto

McAllister, Scott     X2


Allen, J. Anthony     Dry Cell

Vigorito, Mark     Fem svenska köttbullar

Vigorito, Mark     Uncle Milty’s Revenge